Racing Classes

Go Man Go!

1. Stock Car

So ya gotta bone stock ’55 Chevy and ya wanna run? This is your class homeboy. This class is for stock or near stock vehicles made before 1965.


2. Gas Coupe/Sedan

Hot Rod coupes and sedans sign up here! This class is for those hot street cars that can also hang on the track.


3. Gas Roadster

The oldest class in drag racing. Street roadsters line up for the big trophy…


4. Competition Coupe/Sedan

You’re done with that street stuff. You gotta purpose built race car with a hardtop. Sign up here.


5. Competition Roadster

The wind blows harder in a race car. Purpose built roadsters line up here…


6. Dragster

Don Garlits and Gary Cochran would find there way to this line. If you gotta ask, you don’t need to know.


7. HA/GR 

Bug style diggers with all of the charm in the world. Learn More. 


8. Fastest Flathead Ford V8 ****NEW!!!!!****

There’s only one rule really… The car has to be flathead Ford V8 powered and driven to the event with no support vehicles. The fastest wins.


9. Motorcycle

Two wheels hot rods… FTW – FTW