Step 2

  • Now, CLICK HERE TO PRINT the above form. Got it printed? Good. Fold that sucker up and put it in an envelope along with a check (made out to Atomic Industry) and a picture of the car you are registering*. Throw a stamp on that sucker and send it here:

    Atomic Industry
    166 Hargraves Dr, Ste C400 #331
    Austin, TX 78737

    *If you don't have a picture to send, you can email one to me here. In the email, make sure to include your full name and H.A.M.B. username so that I can match it with your application.

  • Step 3

  • Once we get your application, we will process it and do our thang. On or before August 1, 2020, you will get a registration packet in the mail with every thing you will need to get into the race - numbers, spectator bracelets, etc... You'll totally dig it.